Forgiveness is the most powerful healer of all (Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.)

"In the first half of our life we sacrifice our health to acquire money - in the second half of our life we 'sacrifice' our money to attain - and reinstate our health !"......said Voltaire (1694-1778)

All imbalances (dis-ease's) come from a'polluted mind - an unforgiving mind ! ... We are deceiving ourselves by ignoring our body when we do not pay any attention to 'signals that it gives us....our body is our genuine temple - our real temple !

How do I learn to love - and pay attation to my 'temple'?
How do I learn to forgive - and reconcile ??
How do I learn to forgive myself - and connect my 'un-forgiving self' with reconciliation ??
How do I learn to listen to those 'body-signals'?
How do I learn to listen to my 'inner voice' - my intuition ??
How do I learn to forgive myself - and others ?

The forgiveness-workshop is created to answer those questions.-
You - as participants - will be co-creating the will be finding ways to answer your own questions. -

Our true expedition is no more looking for new country sites - but to see with new eyes and change the 'old googles'!

Forgiveness means leeting go of all hopes for a better past. -
It is never to early to forgive - it is never to late to forgive. -

Shiven is a'Heyoka - Clown (for more than 30 years!) - performer, - healing through: love - joy - laughter - music and touch. -
Nationality: Aotearoa/New Zealand - living in Denmark.

He has given performances and seminars in New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A., Japan, India, Mexico and all over Europe.

Right thinking and living is the only 'spiritual-life-insurance'!