Seminare & Workshops

Dear Sir/Madame!

The beginning of 1985 I developed my teachings in communication in New Zealand

I began to work supported through the 'Department of Education' in New Zealand to teach at Colleges and Universities.

My 'workshops' and seminars were part of the "Drama in schools"-education in NZ.

The seminars were called:
"Self-awareness through drama - comedy and clown"

1989 I began to teach University-lectures in Japan through the support of the 'German Culture Centres", the "Goethe Institute's, in Tokyo and Sendai

The seminars were called:
"The teacher as an actor in the classroom"

I continued to do the work for College-teachers and Uinversity-lectures all over India 1999/2000 and 2001 again through the support of the 'Max-Müller-Bhawan-Institutes' in India (Goethe Institutes).

Concrete: Those 'workshops' constituted of the portrayal of live-situations, of listening-skills, of experiencing, of observation, of imitaion, of touch, of talk and improving to work and communicate together.

I am interested while I got married - and live here in Denmark now to share my skills and wisdom.
Please make friend with my idea, don't hesitate to call me for a meeting.

Your's sincerely!

SHIVEN Gunter Bennung

Seminar/Workshop: "The Inner Smile - Or: You Can Eat Your Pudding First!"

Workshop: "Forgiveness"

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